From Campaign Chair, Dana Hammer

September 1 2011

Dear friends,

The Advertise for Life Project is an outgrowth of the monthly pro-life luncheons my husband Mike and I host each month. At these luncheons, dedicated pro-lifers from around the region share ideas on how to expand outreach and services to pregnant women. Our collaboration has had many positive results, including the creation of a home for pregnant women.

A year ago, I felt God tugging at my heart to do more. I sincerely believe that there are many more people in Louisiana who would like save precious babies from abortion, and advertisements are a great way to reach the hearts of young women in our community.

To accomplish this goal, we teamed up with Louisiana Right to Life and created the Campaign. The advertising concept was inspired by the campaign in Colorado (they gave us full use of the concept).

The campaign aims to reach women through compelling and youthful advertisements (example above) that will connect women, through a website and hotline number, with local pregnancy resource centers that can oer immediate assistance. The “” website provides users with an easy way to end pregnancy resources in their local areas and to view video testimonials of women who have faced crisis pregnancies. Our campaign launched on September 1st with two billboards in the New Orleans area (one on the WestBank Expressway and the other on the Earhart Expressway). These billboards will be followed shortly by Facebook advertising, movie theater ads, billboards across the state, and more.

We encourage you to support our campaign by visiting our administrative page at or contacting us. 100% of donations go to advertise the resources of the website. Please spread the word about this crucial campaign.

Thank you,
Dana Hammer
Advertise for Life Louisiana Chairwoman