Advertise for Life

On September 1, the Advertise for Life Louisiana Initiative released the campaign.

The mission of the campaign is to reach women considering abortion through compelling and youthful advertisements that will encourage them to choose life for themselves and their child. The ads, including strategic billboards, radio spots, Facebook ads, and movie theater preview ads, will connect women, through a website and hotline number, with local pregnancy resource centers that can offer immediate assistance.

How You Can Help Advertise for Life and

  • Spread the Word: Our goal is to reach women facing unplanned pregnancy and direct them to pregnancy centers across the state. To help expand that impact, we need you to spread the word about Here are a few ways you can do so:
    • Email others about the campaign. Ask them to forward and spread the word.
    • Share on your social networks
    • Contact us to learn what else you can do in your community
  • Contribute: Running advertisements are expensive, but they work. 100% of your donations to the Louisiana Right to Life Advertise for Life Fund will go to these life-saving ads across Louisiana, and your gift is tax-deductible.
    • Sponsor a Billboard! Depending on location, billboards run from as low as $1,200 to as high as $5,000 for prime placement (per month). Make a donation or contact us to discuss.
    • Launch our movie theater campaign! To place our ads in movie theaters before the previews, it takes $400 – $1000 per week, depending on movie and theater. Make a donation or contact us to discuss.
    • Expand our Facebook impact! Facebook ads allow a personal touch to our ads, allowing women in need to get quick access to our website. Amounts to come…

Want to help or support? Contact our office at 1-866-463-5433 or email at [email protected].